Weird science school

I wanted to write a post and get something updated here on my site, so I thought the perfect way to do that is a quick one-location explore. I have a couple other previous trips written, but the pictures aren’t ready, and I owe my buddy George a post about my trip to KC, but I’m gonna throw up this quick one instead. Anyway, it only took a couple texts to get Geo and Scott motivated to go see a new (old) school on a rainy Sunday, so we met at Scott’s at 8am and headed off…kinda. There was some sort of marathon going around Scott’s downtown loft, so it was a little annoying to leave Atlanta, but once we did, it was smooth sailing. At times we were almost actually sailing because there was so much rain water on the road. After a bit of a drive we arrived near the school, parked (unknowingly leaving the lights on), and walked in the wet weather over to the building. The first room we entered from outside was the gym, so it was pretty impressive right off the bat. After exploring it for a bit, it was clearly apparent to me that we’ve been missing out on quite a gem here. Apparently the word is out, because we saw two other groups there. I’m a little worried about the future of the place. There were already a few things that I’d seen in pictures that were already missing, so I’d hate to see what happens after a few months. But aside from having to wait in the pouring rain for the pop-a-lock guy to give us a jump, there wasn’t much excitement on this quick trip, but I came out with a few pics.


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