Augusta the Bust

Augusta wasn’t a complete bust, but it was pretty terrible. And it was 200 degrees outside. Luckily, Rob‘s car has great a/c.

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves after the first location, an abandoned hospital. Although there may or may not have been a marked car sitting just outside the front windows (we had to get low at one point), it was a pretty easy in-and-out. It was also not max temperature yet, but it was already getting hot. The building was decent. It had some great, old sinks and nice colors. Things didn’t go so well after that. We struck out on a couple schools, a funeral home, a theater, some other place downtown, and a train depot. We stopped at some train tracks to get a few shots and a mill that was pretty overgrown, but by this time it was about 195 degrees, and we (especially Tripp) were more interested in stopping at BP to get some beverages.

No issues after that though. We ventured way out and stopped at some weird, abandoned house with cement statues all over the place, then made our way to another small town to visit a fire-damaged house that was built a really long time ago. It was so hot inside, it felt like it could have still been burning somewhere. My shirt had become completely drenched with sweat and dried by air conditioning like 8 times throughout the day. Anyway, we made a final stop at an old, historic house out in the middle of nowhere before making our way back to Atlanta. Wasn’t the worst day ever, but it could have been much better if we were able to access a few other locations.

Here are some pics…

Jay CrawlAugusta Hospital SinkAugusta Hospital stairsdepotRob tracksmillweird house 1weird house 2burned house 1burned house 2burned house 3Nolan