I shoot with a Canon 5D MarkIII and previously a Canon T2i and 70D. The main lenses I use are a Sigma 12-24mm ART wide angle and a Sigma 50mm Art. Manfrotto and 3pod carbon fiber tripods, Manfrotto ballheads. Software I use is Adobe Lightroom and a little Photoshop.


I’ve been shooting since I was a teenager, but I started trying to shoot more seriously in 2012 when I found Instagram. I’ve always been a fan of trains and graffiti, so that naturally led me to abandonments. I became addicted and I passionately started looking for every abandoned building I could find. I found them by a combination of research, an amazing network of friends that are into the same thing, and just going out and looking for places (Asking usually gets you nowhere). I also have a newer passion of talking to and photographing homeless people. I try not to bother or photograph anyone that doesn’t want to be bothered, but the people that want to talk usually have some stories to tell, and you can see that story in their faces and in their eyes. If I can capture that in a photo, then I think I’ve done my job.


United States (see: last paragraph).

WTF is a sloppystick!?

Sloppystick is just a stupid nickname that my friend Alex came up with when we were playing pool. My roommate at the time had a table, so I played pool all the time for years. Regardless of my all my practicing, I always started out sloppy. Sloppy (cue) stick….so he called me sloppystick. It’s dumb, but we thought it was funny. If I thought anyone would actually follow me on Instagram, I probably would’ve come up with something a little better.

If you have any questions/shoot/print inquiries, feel free to email me at jhagphoto@yahoo.com!