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After a long day of shooting with Fran and Becca, we decided to meet up with Ben for the first time and check out this church that 3 of us had been to before. Ben was skating over from close by, so Fran and Becca walked over to check out […]

I wanted to write a post and get something updated here on my site, so I thought the perfect way to do that is a quick one-location explore. I have a couple other previous trips written, but the pictures aren’t ready, and I owe my buddy George a post about […]

I’ve been wanting to go to Boston and New England in general for a while now, so as soon as Shay and Jerry said to come up to meet, do some exploring, and eat some good food, I didn’t hesitate to book a flight right away. I’ve known these guys on […]

I got a random text from Geo last week, asking if I wanted to go to Birmingham to do some exploring. I just got back from PA and getting ready to go to Detroit the following weekend, but sure why not. Birmingham is one of those places that always produces […]

A few weeks back, Fran said I should go up to Philly for a weekend to explore. I figured it would be a good opportunity to also hit Pittsburgh, so I booked a flight. It was a quick, three-day trip, leaving out early Friday morning and coming home before work on […]

←Days 1-2 On day three, Matt and Beth were tired from St Louis, so they decided to take it easy and do their own thing. The first stop on Sunday was coincidentally one of the locations Matt was asking about earlier. One of the more popular places, this abandoned church wasn’t very […]

What started as a road trip from Chicago, through St Louis, possibly stopping in Memphis, then back through Atlanta with Matt, Beth, and Pete, ended up being a flight to Chicago and a quick drive to St Louis for a night. I flew up to Chicago early in the morning on […]

Several years ago, Scott and I were desperately trying to figure out a way to get into the huge abandoned GM assembly plant in Doraville. We knew of a couple people who had been busted there, but we also knew of a few that had been in and out with […]

After planning for a couple months with Matt for a trip to Chicago, I thought it would be a good excuse to go down to visit him in Florida to talk more about our specific plans. I also heard that an abandoned hotel that I’ve yet to explore was open, […]

We weren’t sure if it would be worth the drive, but Sergio and I decided we’d finally go check out the abandoned airfield we’d seen pictures of. We thought it would be best to leave in the afternoon and drive through the night, so we could get there for sunrise. […]