Planes in the woods

We weren’t sure if it would be worth the drive, but Sergio and I decided we’d finally go check out the abandoned airfield we’d seen pictures of. We thought it would be best to leave in the afternoon and drive through the night, so we could get there for sunrise. Seemed to be the best plan of action, and everything worked out great….aside from Led getting pulled over for doing doing 55mph in a 35mph zone in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It was an interesting traffic stop at 4am. I guess Led wasn’t answering questions to the officer’s satisfaction and Sergio couldn’t find his proof of insurance, so they were both asked to step out of the car for a quick search. I guess being white has it’s privileges in that area, because they left me alone after running my ID. Luckily, we were on the road shorty after, with only a warning. It didn’t throw us off schedule much either. We still got to the parking spot while it was really dark out. A quick hike through some woods and we were surrounded by old, abandoned commercial aircraft. Planes from Northwest Airlines, Airtran, Midway, and others were scattered all over the place, just left to rot in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty crazy sight to see. Some of them were in better shape than others, some open and some inaccessible. It would normally only take about 30 minutes or an hour to explore, but it’s a pretty unique location. Definitely worth seeing if you’re nearby or if you have other locations in the area to visit.

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