A trip to plan a trip

After planning for a couple months with Matt for a trip to Chicago, I thought it would be a good excuse to go down to visit him in Florida to talk more about our specific plans. I also heard that an abandoned hotel that I’ve yet to explore was open, so it was a good opportunity to check that off the list too. We met up with a few others to see photos Matt has displayed at Pho downtown and to do some night shooting around Jacksonville. After sleeping late the next day, we met with Dylan and Marcus for some Burrito Gallery, then head over to an abandoned church. It wasn’t anything special, but it was nice to check out something new. Here are a few shots from there.

pink copier coke chapel holy roof smoky

After we left the church, we stopped by some kind of old meat processing place. We had to walk through some thick brush and battle mosquitos inside, but I didn’t really feel motivated to take any pictures there and we called it a day. Matt and I didn’t have anything to do on Sunday, so we went downtown to check out an old hotel that I’ve (unsuccessfully) tried several times in the past few years. I seem to always hear that it’s wide open and then I go and it’s all sealed up again. This time looked to be the same. We went to the spot where it was open and sure enough, it was boarded up tight. I’m glad we decided to snoop around a bit, because we eventually found our way in. Like the church, it was nothing special, but it was nice to finally get inside after so long.

stove room stairs arch messages blue room

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